Saturday, 26 May 2012

Thing 2: The before post!

I thought that I would post a comment about Thing 2: Investigate some other blogs before I actually went out there and tried it as I find this task somewhat daunting. As I am completely new to blogs and blogging, I have never before looked for or commented on our people's blogs, and now I have to do both?!! The list of people taking part in CPD23 is massive, which is obviously brilliant, but how do you decide which blogs to look at? And what sort of comments should I be making? The concept of communicating your thoughts to complete strangers online is definitely alien to me, but I can see that it has some benefits. Working in a music library is a very small world, everyone knows everyone else and you can start to feel cut off from the rest of the library and information sector. This is one reason I completed my CILIP chartership last year and why I am reaching out through CPD23 now. Let's see what happens!!

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  1. You can do it! There are quite a few music librarian bloggers out there, maybe that's where to start. ( also some of us who started in music libraries - once a music librarian, always a music librarian!